About Us

We are a group of talented creatives who have few friends but sure know how to market a business. Just kidding, we have more than a few friends. We’re actually pretty nice people, but I was serious about the marketing part. We’re a multi-disciplined lot, with skills ranging from creative to analytical. We believe it takes plenty of both to succeed in our connected world.

Based on the NSW Central Coast, we help clients who have decided that it’s time to take their business to the next level through branding, marketing, design and web. You might refer to Advantage as a creative agency, whatever that means these days. We love what we do, & we do it well. We bet you’re the same. All we want is to help you do more of what you do best by doing what we do best.


Where the magic happens

Our humble office resides in the community-focused, Cafe centre of the Central Coast, Long Jetty. We wouldn’t be anywhere else. 


Getting our 90s boy-band group shot on.