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Advantage Media Group Becomes Advantage Agency

A big hello from Advantage. We hope that this crazy world is treating you well and that business is healthy. We are well overdue to give you an update on the happenings here at Advantage, as well as some general but important information that you should find useful:

Take 3 For The Sea – CEO Clean Up

As Advantage’s CEO I, Sam Petrusma, will be taking part in the 2020 CEO Clean Up. The event organisers, Take 3 For The Sea are all about tackling the impacts of plastic pollution through education, community clean-ups and international campaigns. The Central Coast Event helps to raise awareness and get some of our local CEOs on the ground to pick up some rubbish.

We encourage to find out more and throw me (Sam) a sponsor or donate to the cause if you’re in a position to do so:

Advantage Media Group is now Advantage Agency

You may have already noticed, but we have made some changes in the way we are presenting ourselves to the world. We are now trading as Advantage Agency and have changed our website and email domain to We are still the same team you know and love, in fact we’d go as far to say that we’re now version 2.0. We felt that our presence wasn’t reflective of how we now see our brand and decided that it was time to give ourselves some vibrancy that aligns with the consistent evolution of our offerings. We are confident that Advantage Agency has greatly matured from the Advantage Media Group from 5 years ago. Check out our new website if you haven’t already, we’re proud of the hard work it took to put it together – and it’s only the beginning. Lastly, if you haven’t caught us at our new office, we have also moved around the corner to a spacious “penthouse” office in Long Jetty. It’s filled with plants, a bar and of course, our friendly faces.

Some new faces

We are stoked to welcome a bunch of new team members over the last little while. You may have already heard from some, but allow me to introduce:

  • Brad: Sales & Strategy – Brad hails in from Brisbane. He is a problem solver, ensuring you feel heard and is focussed on your experience in working with us. With a vast knowledge in business and marketing, we are confident that he can provide options that are the best fit for you & your business.  
  • John: Support & Operations – John has a broad skillset, but his role here centres around tech and dev. You will hear from him for support jobs and in managing certain projects. Based in Adelaide – we are excited to have a dedicated member to bolster our “techier” side.
  • Kerryn: Office Admin – With a wealth of experience in all-things office-related, Kerryn is behind the scenes helping the wheels turn. Kerryn will be able to direct any queries and is responsible for the general office happenings and accounts.
  • Navia: Graphic Designer – Our newest team member, dedicated to all your design needs. Navia specialises in layout design, but has the basics well-and-truly covered

Some of our products/services are being reworked

As a team of 14 core members and continuously growing, some of our offerings were a little outdated and not up to the quality standards that we now hold. With team members now in more dedicated roles, we can hone our service and the quality we put out. As is natural, this means some changes to the way we do things, allowing us to do what we do best so you can keep doing what you do best. Some notable changes:

  • Our minimum support charge/job is $125
  • Our support jobs will be estimated upfront and may be subject to upfront payment
  • Our turnaround is at minimum 48 hours, however we can bump the priority for a fee
  • We will be updating and expanding on our T&Cs to ensure all parties are comfortable and covered
  • Our hosting and domain offerings will be seeing a complete overhaul, with the intent that you can self-manage your services.
  • There will be changes to pricing or restructuring across a number of our services. Our pricing will remain competitive and our offering remains focussed on return value

We appreciate your patience as we continue to implement changes. I can promise that our focus and vision have not changed – our clients are our number 1 priority and every decision we make is in the best interests of being able to sustainably support our clients.

Brand Spotlight

We have been hard at work producing top-tier websites over the last 6 months, helping businesses pivot and skyrocket beyond COVID. We are stoked with all of them, so to pick one to highlight is difficult, but one we’re particularly proud of is To The Trees. Lauren is an established illustrator bringing forth her new brand, and a pleasure to work with. Her work is absolutely stunning – it was our job to create a brand that works harmoniously whilst highlighting this. The result: a fun, custom, unique website with subtle animations, a strong colour palette and some groovy fonts.


Services: logo and visual identity design, web design & development

To The Trees branding 2 1

Some kind words from Lauren:

“I am beyond happy with the result of the website and all the work that the team has put into it. It’s better than I could have ever imagined. The attention to detail throughout the whole process and communication has been incredible, I really felt like Advantage wanted to do the best for my business and wanted to help set me up for success as best as they could.”

Lauren Merrick, To The Trees

Our Latest Article – An Ultimate Guide to Marketing

Last but not least, for our fellow locals: a meaty piece of content that we think is totally worth the read. A combined effort between our team members, we have created an ultimate guide to marketing on the Central Coast. It covers everything you need to know about the current local market and advice on marketing options for your business. We promise that it’s not a plug for Advantage, but a comprehensive dive into what’s available to your business to ensure it thrives.

That’s all for now. If you made it this far, thanks for listening! Wishing you the best as you head into the home stretch for 2020 – what a wild year. Thanks for working with us, we wouldn’t be here without you!