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Before Having “Another Go” At Social Media Marketing.

Allow us to preface this blog post by saying; whilst we’ll drop some value bombs, it’s not possible to cover everything about Social media marketing in 500 words.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a service that Advantage Agency have provided to clients continuously for years, it’s not something you could master by ‘pulling an all-nighter’.

It’s 2021, and if you’re in business.. It pays to have a presence on social media.  

Myth About SMM

There’s no magic bullet.  

If you’re hoping to find the secret side-access into Facebook that opens the sales floodgates, you won’t be alone.. But we can’t help you on that journey.  

Other marketing agencies who are addicted to social media might advise you to focus on Facebook, or to focus on Instagram if your company produces or sells more visually pleasing products.  

However there’s no golden ticket. With SMM you need a complete, a well-rounded marketing plan.

Truth About SMM

Social media marketing is as much of a golden opportunity that you‘ve hoped for it to be. Although getting this golden egg to hatch for your company, isn’t as easy.

At Advantage Agency, we’ve developed a structured procedure over the years that’s backed by decades of combined experience amongst the team. Including digital marketing, web development, graphic design, strategy and all the other skill sets required.

We are not in the business of handing over the keys to the kingdom so to speak, but if you’d like to talk to us about working how we could work with your company to drive your business forward online – say hello!

Tips Not to Ignore

If you are starting your company, or if you are just starting to move your existing company onto either of the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or all of these and more), here are four tips you can consider.  

  1. Decide On Who Your Customer/Client Is. 
    • This also means who your customer is not. This is an important step to ensure your marketing budget is spent on people who are most likely to be your customer (and not the opposite).
  2. Establish What Your 3-4 Messages Are.
    • There are 101 different things you could post on Facebook. However, saying them all will make 0 of them rememberable nor impactful.  
    • Focusing on just 3-4 primary messages that you / or your company believe in, and would always stand behind, should cut through the other noise on social media and help you reach some customers.
  3. Don’t Vary From Your 3-4 Messages.
    • Yes, there is no harm in wishing your followers “happy holidays”.
    •  But besides holidays and other key events, re-read number 2 above again now.
  4. Be Consistent With Your Posts and Updates on Social Media.
    • If you can commit to five posts a week, do it and maintain five.
    • If two is a safer option to achieve, lock that in.  
    • The more consistent you are, the more love you could expect from the social media systems (known as “algorithms”) which determine WHAT posts display to WHO when your target customer are on their smartphones.  

Before jumping into social media marketing, decide on what your company is expecting to get at the other end.

Not only should this help get the results one would expect for every dollar invested, it also has the bigger benefit of executing your plan much easier.