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Break the Physics!

The creative production studio Mainframe based in London released an intriguing short video recently. It’s called For Approval and was a ‘spare time’ project in between client work.

It’s purposefully distorting and slightly unnerving as everyday objects are animated with different physical properties than we have come to expect.

An egg bounces, lightbulbs have balloon-like elasticity and pencils flap in the wind.

When watching the video (which you can do below) you find yourself eager to find out what magic the designers have conjured up. With each frame you prepare yourself to accept the bizarre and impossible laws that have been dreamt up.

A good marketing strategy should adopt the same principles, how can we look at the project in a completely different way? What perceived rules, physics and traditions can be bent, twisted or even completely broken to make it stand out and shout out from the competition?

If you can make your client see their own world in a completely different way then the marketing, digital and social opportunities that present themselves can turn a good campaign into an unforgettable one.

For Approval from Mainframe (North) on Vimeo.