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Citizens of Earth

Services Provided
Website Design
The brief

A recent website we built in collaboration with @headlandbrands for a new international travel brand Citizens of Earth. Loved being a little bit playful with the colours and subtle animations – making the site feel fresh and dynamic. Always a pleasure to work with the Izzy and the team at Headland.⁠
⁠Technically speaking, Advantage developed a WordPress multisite with Geolocation redirects and CDN for local website serving.

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What we did

In a tag team method, Headlands Brands would work closely with the client to understand the brand, and develop a visual identity and the came to Advantage to implement and optimise the visual and technical needs of the client. In the case of Citizens of Earth – A group travel company aimed at young adults seeking ‘off the beaten track’ adventures curated for excitement, fun and ethical travel. Understanding the audience helped Advantage to make choices when it came to visual hierarchy and more importantly, the layers of SEO needed to be built in underneath and in plain sight.

The Challenge

Creating a distinct site that navigates easily in itself, but connects cleanly to the parent sites and background forms and processes. The majority of the Advantage team’s effort is hidden in the code – creating a site that is as clean in the front-facing site as it is neatly linked and functioning in the back. Additionally creating a site that is fully SEO optimised and geared around the user’s journey and ease of experience across all devices.

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