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Luxury Home Building and Interior Design
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Branding, Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Content
The brief

O’Shea and Son’s Builders is a family-run, multi-generational, Luxury Home Builder in sunny Brisbane, Australia. For decades, they have taken steps in their industry to instill trust, collaboration, and a strong portfolio of homes built in their community. They approached us back in 2019 to help them make the leap from industry member to industry leader through a holistic digital approach: A fully functional, bespoke, and modern website with a complementary full suite marketing plan. We’re proud to say that we have seen them make this leap and continue to work with them to this day in all aspects we began with.

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What We Did

At the beginning of the relationship with OSASB, our team designed and built out a beautiful new website that not only provided the absolute musts of any modern website but also provided them easy-access tools for them to share their build-journey with a prospective client, a full, categorised portfolio space and further unique features that are specific to their process and offerings. This website has since been maintained and continually optimised by our team so that it stays on trend, up-to-date, highly functional and responsive.

From a marketing angle, we have serviced their brand with Extensive Organic Social Media management, Social Ads, Youtube Management, Google Ads, SEO best practices (blogging, citations, backlinks, and more) – as well as broader campaign management, helping them navigate large scale industry award nominations, video series and more.

The Challenge

For a brand that operates in such a competitive and detail-orientated space, OSASB needed to elevate their tone of voice as well as find consistency across all parts of the whole. Having so many moving parts as well – their internal awards nominations and industry connections being managed in-house – these needed to be integrated with the Advantage Digital Marketing Strategy by maintaining a robust and consistent conversation between their internal team, the videographers, and photographers and our digital marketing team. The challenge was never having compelling content to share – it was to maximize the content’s reach and impact.

The Goals

With the directors and key players of O’Shea and Sons builders, we have continually checked in for what the goals and KPI’s for their marketing efforts. The broad goal is and has always been “Brand Awareness” which is notoriously hard to pin down for key results, but this has been an open and healthy dialogue throughout. To help maintain eyes on the target and measure our efforts, regular ‘Temperature Checks’ on their enquiry funnel success, the number of build contracts signed and industry interaction/responses have been crucial for performance measurement. Their transparency of figures and results has helped us create moving targets that have propelled their brand miles forward in the past 2.5 years.

The Results

The results for our work with OSASB thus far have been what we always wanted: Steady and Sustainable Growth. For a business that is limited by what their team can literally produce in their specific timelines, their growth needs to be steady, to allow them to make adjustments (that naturally take time) for any increase in productivity for a sustainable business model. In March 2021, we touched base with the directors of OSASB and they reported a 70% increase in business scale since we started on this journey with them in 2019 – this was credited to the combined effort in Brand Awareness focus – citing that more people were genuinely finding their content organically and were engaged with the messaging and portfolio presentation of the brand.


Our most recent feedback from the directors of O’Shea and Sons Builders we were delighted to receive:

“We wanted to express our appreciation to you guys for really committing to understanding our business and collaborating on the best approaches. We love that you talk about our trades by their first name and know our projects almost as much as we do. We totally appreciate and have every confidence in the way you are positioning and communicating our vision with others.”

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