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Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Lead Generation Program

Have you considered a digital lead generation program for your business? If not you might be missing out on some very valuable opportunities. Our 5 reasons why will help you understand how hesitation could be costly.

  1. Business Growth
    One the key success factors for business growth is having the structure in place to be able to find and take on new clients. This can bring a plethora of problems for a business owner one of which requires TIME.When your business is growing and you’re being pulled in many directions wearing several hats the easiest thing to let fall through the gap is marketing. The problem is once you stop that, you need to be prepared for business growth to take the hit.

    If you are finding time management an issue, one great idea would be to invest some budget in to a company that can provide you with a tried and tested lead generation program that will deliver you a return on your investment and ease the burden of having to find new clients, allowing you to concentrate on your deliverables to those new clients. It also takes the pressure off you to find a full-time employee to do this work.

  2. Not Finding The Right Type of ClientIf you’re not finding the right type of client it can be a huge business pain point. A structured lead generation program that is devised specifically for your business needs, with focus on the right type of audience (IE your perfect client type). You can’t achieve this without one.

    Imagine having an arm of your business that spends it’s time solely on business development looking for the exact client. You’ll be wasting no more time with one off jobs or services that are hand for a little bit of cashflow but in the long run become more expensive than they are worth.

  3. Nurturing your opportunities in to clients
    This one can be quite demanding, especially on your time.  The Nurturing stage of a quality lead generation program focuses on those opportunities that have yet to be handed over to your sales team. These are the people who have shown interest but not quite yet agreed or committed to a meeting or phone call to discuss things further.These types of contacts will take up the bulk of your pipeline and should be viewed as extremely important. So, the information you continue to nurture with them must be relevant and distributed at intervals that won’t be considered intrusive.

    Again, this is about knowing your audience. Some people will collect information and have no issue with you sending them content until they feel compelled to act. Others, they will take exception to being what the feel is bombarded with too much, so you must act carefully when working within your pipeline of opportunities, as each one lost could be a client that when handled correctly, gained.

  4. Adding Value
    Your business is growing, you’ve taken on more than you can handle and your focus has to be on your clients. You want to add value but are struggling to find the time to dig deep in to what your client really needs, remember they may not even know themselves. The right kind of Lead Generation program can be used to not only build rapport and relationships with new clients, but to continue to nurture and add value to existing ones. You might have recently added a new service or product that could be ideal for an existing customer, with the right program in place you can inform, educate and develop.
  5. Network opportunities
    One of the most underrated but vital parts of a Lead Generation program is the continued building of your business network. This doesn’t have to be a client targeted program, this is more about establishing relationships with influences and associates who could in time provide a stream of referrals to your business and vice versa. The win/win here is new clients for you and the ability to add value for your clients by surrounding yourself with good, reliable and quality professionals within your network. Something that a client in need will be grateful for, and another way for your business to add that value.