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Supporting Purpose-Driven Business

We want to help

Advantage is not a registered charity by any means, but we are passionate about supporting initiatives or businesses operating for the benefit of our community, people in need or the world in general. We’re privileged to live where we are & as we do & so we’re here to spread the love.

We provide a service that could really help businesses that are trying to make a difference. Whether you’re a charity, not-for-profit, a social enterprise, or simply believe your business is for a good cause, then please reach out to see how we might be able to help.

Over the last couple of years we have given over $20,000 in value to various people, businesses and projects of this nature.


$3500 Sustainability Grant

Have you got a business that's considerate to sustainability? We are offering a $3500 grant to be used as service-value across our development services any way you like.

$2000 Community Grant

Have you got a business or idea with community at the centre? We are offering a $2000 grant to be used as service-value across our development services any way you like.

Some of our contributions

Long Jetty St Festival

A community festival that has been on hiatus for a couple of years, but nonetheless was one of the Central Coast's biggest events. We were able to help in putting together some graphics for flyers, posters, signage for a popup event in the local Westfield and marketing collateral.

Coast Life

Another local community event, smaller in scale but not in passion. Coast Life has multiple threads running through it - environmental education, connecting with the traditional custodians, supporting local business and more. We had the pleasure of heading up the full design and marketing suite.

Long Jetty Cares

Long Jetty Cares is a social media initiative with the intent to educate locals about environmental issues and inform about local events. Run by a digital illustrator, we have worked to utilise some of the illustrations in making posters and graphics.

This could be you

We provide a comprehensive list of services that could help further your cause. Depending on the project, we may be able to provide discounts or pro bono work. Make sure to spark up a conversation with us to find out more - we would love to hear from you.