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How To Use Video Marketing For Your Business

This blog has been written by the talented team at 16Best, and gives an overviews of the tactical ways a business can use video marketing as part of their marketing strategy. 

Having a good marketing strategy is crucial to the success of any business. Nowadays, digital marketing is hands down the best way for businesses to thrive and attract more clients. Video marketing, on the other hand, has become an essential aspect of companies’ marketing techniques in recent years.

Although the majority of the brands we come across today embrace video marketing as their strategy of choice, there are some who heavily rely on it as part of their social media strategy. A great case in point is the worldwide-acknowledged sports apparel and footwear giant – Nike. Videos are predominant on the brand’s Instagram profile, where some of their most recent product launches are shown in action. Furthermore, these videos all feature celebrities who endorse Nike, to provide for additional interest among both existing and potential customers.

Another company dedicated to promoting its brand by creating compelling, motivational, and actionable video content is Reebok. Both industry competitors are scoring major marketing success, mostly because of the versatility that video marketing provides.

Ultimately, everyone needs video marketing. Even businesses which rely on advertising other companies and their offers try to enhance their own popularity through video marketing. For instance, although the whole world knows about Groupon promo codes and deals, there’s still need for video marketing to ensure a steady position in the marketing business.

Bringing concepts to life is way less complicated when using video content instead of written words. That is one of the main reasons why video marketing is rapidly growing to become the most profitable mechanism in the promotion toolbox. For more facts and stats as well as guides and hints on video marketing, check out their insightful infographic that puts the effectiveness of video marketing into perspective.