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How we doubled our client’s business using SEO

doubled-central coast business with seo

For a local business of any trade, it is important to make sure your website is not only getting picked up by Google but pointing potential clients in the right direction.

With a great local asbestos business, we used advanced search engine optimisation techniques to put them on the map as well as design their website so it is modern and mobile responsive.


Our client


The company provides local asbestos removal, testing and demolition services. They have been removing asbestos for more than 20 years and have been featured in government campaigns and television programs as preferred asbestos specialists.

They had one problem, as good as their business and service was, they struggled to find consistency in their leads. So we addressed that, choosing SEO as our focus and putting in the hard work to get them ranking well in Google.


Services provided


Design and branding
Google Ads


The challenge


The company was a well-established business before we came on board, relying purely on word of mouth for their new work. Whilst referrals remain one of the strongest lead-types, they are just too unpredictable. We needed to find a way to send them qualified leads, consistently.

They had a website, but it wasn’t user-friendly or mobile responsive – this also had to change. Even being in a fairly niche market, the Central Coast on NSW is a competitive and sprawling area. We had to tackle this in the right way to make sure the slow-but-sure acting SEO actually worked.


The strategy


Our first action was to rebuild their website within a modern, mobile-responsive and user-friendly framework – WordPress. This enabled us to SEO optimise the website from the ground-up, whilst making design and conversation improvements all the while. It also enabled us to easily build landing pages for targeting specific keywords and as destination pages for paid AdWords traffic.

The major keyword target was “asbestos removal Central Coast”, which of course is the most competitive search term that any competitor would be targeting. We had to build content around their services, all relevant to “the Central Coast”. Some of our major milestones were as follows:


The results


Slow and steady is the motto of an SEO campaign, but we were able to get to position one for their major keyword within six months. This meant that they could see the bulk of the 260 monthly searches for this keyword, and that’s just one of many positive keyword results. Before the client started with us, they ranked for just four keywords. They now rank for over 150. Here are some more of our achievements:

  • Investment- $750 per month
  • Revenue increase – 200%
  • Google Rank #1 – for “asbestos removal Central Coast” , which is the most competitive, major location keyword with over 260 monthly searches
  • More than 110 monthly branded searches – our brand awareness efforts have lead to over 110 monthly searches for their business specifically
  • 25 new leads per month from organic search on average
  • 67% increase in website visitors compared to the year before

Based on the success of the monthly investment in digital marketing, the company is experiencing much greater consistency in lead generation and has expanded to cover a wider service area.

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More on SEO


In short, SEO ensures your website is ranking high on Google

Paper-based and traditional advertising methods are proving less and less effective. SEO is the solution. Imagine a targeted advertising solution where you can pick your keywords, your target demographic and a comfortable budget.

Everyone is using Google, but it seems saturated with competitors and all kinds of listings. How do you ensure that your business is the first result when someone looking for your service Googles you? The answer is SEO. If you don’t know what that is, take a look at our crash tour: What Is SEO?

SEO is a form of online advertising, where we can perform in-depth research to target potential clients based on their interests, where they are from, what device they are using – you name it. We can tailor Google listings returned on the Search Engine Result Page to match what the customer has typed. When it comes to reporting, we can give you the short version or the long one. You can also work with us, tailoring quality content that’s interesting for your potential clients.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for affordable SEO services. Give us a quick phone call and you will see that we know what we are on about. We won’t bore or confuse you, you’ll see!