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Keep your self-inspired by setting SMART-er midyear goals

Business in the 2020’s is moving faster than ever – One morning your organising a New Year forecast and then boom! It’s just about to be Mid Year!

How’s your year going?

Have you already achieved all your goals or have you fallen short of your expectations so far? Maybe, you’re thinking of re-doing your list again? I know doing midyear goals puts a lot of pressure to all of us especially for business owners but know that you were not simply mindlessly doing things for the past 6 months that’s not related to your bottom line.

I somehow find it hard doing midyear reviews when I was doing a bulleted list. But this year, it’s different, I created a vision board and it’s efficiently helping me reach my. So, here’s how I am doing my midyear goals this year.

Celebrate Completed Goals

You may already have completed some of the goals that you have set. Congratulations! Aside from crossing them out of your list, make a list of 2-3 new things that just came up within the year that would be helpful to your goals. It could be as simple as adding an additional event that you can attend to help increase your network. If you initially set your goal to 3 events in a year, you can now have a total of 4 for the year. That additional event can maybe introduce you to one of your biggest clients—you’ll never know!


It may look like you’ve fallen short of your expectations so far, but hey, you’ve just crossed off a couple of goals earlier—which is a good start, so it’s okay. Dreaming and writing goals is easy but executing them is harder. Much harder.

If you have overestimated the time or fallen behind the cracks, it’s best to add some accountability to your goals. Identify the reasons that’s limiting you in achieving those goals. Then set up a measurable action plans in achieving those.

If one of your off the track goals is losing weight, you may ask your wife, husband or a friend to be your accountability partner. They will be the one to follow up and encourage you until you achieve your goals.

Follow up is a critical piece in goal setting. Having a regular push makes your plan live and serve.


What is the difference between vision boards, goals and actual achievements? It’s having a tangible plan. After having several glasses of red wine during New Year’s Eve, you’ve probably felt courageous setting up a goal without really identifying the right way of executing it. As you went back to work, you’ve been busy hustling then 6 months later – Voila! They’re still at the bottom of your list. But what better time than the mid-year mark for a reset? It may be a bitter pill to swallow that you’ve already wasted 6 months of the year, but hey – you’ve got another good 6 months to achieve those goals. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, revisit and redo your goals using the SMART Goals system.

Before you pick up your notebook or Ipad or even before you go back to work, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back, celebrate what you’ve achieved so far or indulge in a favorite activity as a reward. You deserve it. Now, make good on those 6 months and looking forward to you crossing all off your list!