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Leap when you’re not ready!

You’re 14,000ft high in the sky hanging off the side of the plane, adrenalin rushing and blood pumping! The instructor starts the count down. 3….. 2…. And before you know it your soaring though the air experiencing one of the most exhilarating moments of your life!

In moments of fear, apprehension and just not quite feeling ready, our human instinct is back away. The only issue is, when will you ever be 100% ready? You will end up prolonging the event until its too late. The skydive instructor’s little trick to prevent a last second change of mind by jumping on 2, might be one of the most valuable life long lessons you will ever learn. Here’s why:

You will only ever be “almost ready”

Whether you are launching a business, starting a family, or moving overseas, it’s unlikely that you will feel 100% certain and ready to make the huge decision and final leap. All the planning in the world can’t avoid this. We inevitably live in a world where 100% certainty is unattainable. The first step is to acknowledge it.

Early bird gets the worm

By enthusiastically taking the plunge early, when you feel “almost ready”, strength will come from your ability to whole heartedly and passionately put 100% in, despite the uncertainty, fear and less than 100% readiness. Your newfound contentment with never reaching 100% certainty means you can often jump the gun in comparison to your competitors.

Enjoy yourself!

Real fun comes after the suffering. Once a decision is made, throw yourself in feet first & never look back! Enjoy this exciting chapter. You will forget how scared you even were beforehand.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

If you were forever waiting until everything is perfect and you felt “ready” to launch your business, you would have missed your chance. With the fast paced digital economy, decisions need to be made smarter and quicker before a competitor steals your thunder.


You can feel the earth beneath your feet again, the skydive instructor gives you a high five and you can’t wipe the smile off your face! You’re ready to do it all again.