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Leaving a Review

leaving an online review
Leaving a Review on Google

Between 80 and 90% of customers will read a business’s reviews before deciding on whether or not to purchase a product from them. Reviews are an excellent way to share your great experiences, and give a business some feedback for future clients. They are quite easy to do and take hardly any time at all. This article will give you a quick tutorial on how to leave a review via Facebook and Google My Business. For the sake of the example, we will be using our business. Step 1: Google Search the Company you are looking for. e.g. “Advantage Media Group”. If this doesn’t return a result, be more specific. i.e. Advantage Media Group Digital Marketing Central Coast. How to leave a business review Step 2: On the search results page, you will notice a box on the right hand side that looks like this: How to leave a business review At the bottom of this box you will notice the reviews section. Click write a review, and sign in with your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, follow to prompts to create one, it’s super easy. Step 3: Click the amount of stars you would like to give the business. 5 stars is fantastic, and 1 is poor. You should also include a worded description of your experience. This is what other customers will be looking at in the future. You may also add a photo to the review. This is great for say a Hairdressing salon, to showcase the services offered. How to leave a business review Step 4: After you have finished writing your review the post button in the bottom left will light up dark blue. Click it and you are all done!

Leaving a Review on Facebook 
How to leave a business review

Step 1: For both desktop and mobile, start by searching the business name in the Facebook search bar, and locate the business’ account.

For Desktop 

Step 2: On the left hand side of the page is the menu list. Look for “Reviews”. On our site it is the 3rd option down. Click ‘Reviews’. Leaving a review Step 3: Choose the number of stars you would like to allocate. 1 is poor, 5 is excellent. This will then take you to another page where you can add written feedback. Once finished, click ‘Done’. Leaving a review on facebook comments

For Mobile 

Leave a review facebook mobile Step 2: On Mobile, the review section in located across the middle of the page. Press ‘Reviews’. Step 3: The reviews page will appear with existing customer / client feedback. To leave a review click on the stars. i.e. if you want to give 5 stars, click the fifth star. If you want to give 2 stars, click the second. Once you have clicked the stars, a new page will appear with a place for you to leave written feedback.

And you’re done…!!

Remember to leave a review with any business, service, cafe, hair dresser etc, to help increase their business! If you have any questions on how reviews can help your business, contact us! We are more than happy to help.