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Logo Design


First impressions are everything, and your logo needs to be able to communicate your brand succinctly and impressively. A smart logo will be versatile across scale, usage and context all while presenting an instantly recognisable icon to the world.

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Logo Design

Classic and versatile. Distilling down the branding elements of colour, mood, purpose and imagery to a single highly valuable and adaptable 2D asset. We work through a variety of visual directions, developing and deliberating - bringing it down to the most successful product with confidence and assurance.

Illustrated Logo

For a softer, unique and natural essence of a brand, an illustrated logo design is the perfect solution. Our experienced and multiskilled in-house illustrators will work with the pre-established branding elements to sketch, paint and draw a digital illustration that is both delicate and individualised as well as useful and adaptable as a traditional 2D logo design.

Logo Identity Design

Do you have a business that doesn’t really have a public face yet? A Logo Identity Design is all about helping you define your brand from scratch and distilling it down to a suite of assets that are designed for a range of purposes within your business.

Logo Modernisation

Is your logo feeling a bit tired? Maybe your brand has evolved over the years and it doesn’t totally reflect where your business is at today. A logo modernisation is the best thing you can do to keep your brand fresh and iconic in the eyes of your audience. Taking the core concepts and purpose of your existing logo, and bringing it to the now.

Logo design FAQ

Your logo is the face of your business. It conveys both respectability and professionalism to your audience so that they not only take your business seriously, but understand your brand’s essence. 

In short, no. A logo is the quickest visual cue of your brand. It should communicate your brand’s identity and quickly and effectively! But it is simply a tool in the shed when it comes to your branding. A logo can be in some instances, a core part of a brand, but it is never truly in isolation of other important details when properly branding a business.

If your brand has been walking around for a little while or maybe your business has pivoted in direction, a fresh logo is a great way to stay on track and sharp in your industry. 

If your logo was developed for one purpose but now is needed for more applications that it’s just not fitting in – we can adapt the logo to be more appropriate for the new features in your branding.