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So the real question you might ask yourself is “what sort of ROI do I want?”

If you want to start looking at numbers like 10X return on your investment you will need to be sure to put enough on the table with a quality and trustworthy (this is an important caveat) SEO agency, just like us.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue by 10s of thousands of dollars, but want to spend under $700 per month, then unfortunately we might not be a great fit. There are plenty of agencies who price at the low end. They might even get some results. The more common “horror story” we hear is that they have been taking your money for over a year and have achieved nothing.

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SEO is all about overtaking the competition – for you to rank better, a competitor must rank worse

Just for a moment, imagine that you are paying $400 per month for an agency to manage your website’s SEO, and your competitor is investing $1,200 to manage theirs with a different provider. How can you ever hope to overtake your competitor? Even the best SEO agency in the world can only do so much with limited resources. You’ll make progress at a snails pace, and you won’t receive leads any time soon to justify the expense.

If, however, you were to invest $1,750 p/m, overtake the competition within 6 months and start bringing in over $20,000 in new business each month you would be overjoyed, right? That’s the true goal of SEO.

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