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Our SEO Process

Well, THE FIRST 90 Days

Your website’s ranking will improve from our ongoing, organic SEO efforts – so the longer you implement an effective digital marketing strategy, the better the results.

We believe that the minimum required for results is 90 days, though we recommend a 6-month commitment for your marketing campaign. These services have a delayed but compounding effect on your domain authority and brand importance. For this reason, our efforts can appear ineffective
for 90 days, until changes have been indexed and crawled by Google. Further, the impact of each month of SEO is likely stronger than the month previous, for the life of an active strategy.

The chart below outlines how we prioritise, and in fact over-invest, our resources during the initial period within our SEO Retainers (subject to the available services within your package):

Graphic Design Banner 02

As you will see the first two months of are heavily focused on the setup phase which includes metadata and tag optimisation, tracking configuration, strategy & research. When the foundation of your site is strong, by the third month we then move onto content optimisation & creation and citation listings. From here we build backlink opportunities and onsite articles.

Now we have Googles attention!
From this point on we start to see some positive results heading your way.

Depending on what your marketing retainer contains, the first 90 days might look something like the following:

First 7 days

  • Setup full statistics tracking of all traffic
  • Set regular email reports of traffic
  • In-depth keyword analysis of all the phrases and place names people use when looking for your product
  • Choose and articulate most lucrative keywords
  • Rankings report for all the above phrases
  • Optimise Google + page
  • Examine front page of Google of each primary keyword for competitors and backlink opportunities
  • Implement backup schedule and security maintenance patches
  • Update website framework ad plugins to latest, most secure version

First 30 days

  • Provide a benchmark document of where your site is sitting for chosen keywords
  • Optimise existing content to maximise keyword potential • Page Titles and Descriptions
  • Paragraph Content
  • Footer Content
  • Image File Names and Alt Tags
  • Create any new pages required to target chosen keywords
  • Begin the process of regularly asking for reviews on local listing sites (Google, TrueLocal, etc)

First 60 days

  • Research to find influential websites in your industry and in your area who create links to sites
  • Discover what content the above sites love to share
  • Develop power pages of content around your industry to attract backlinks and shares, and in so doing boost the domain authority of the whole website
  • Alert all the above sites to the new pages for backlink opportunities

First 90 days:

  • List in online business directories
  • Small design changes to improve page load speed and mobile phone user experience
  • Continue the program to obtain organic backlinks
  • Layout consultation to ensure the site is easy to read and understand and make enquiries
  • Effective copywriting consultation to ensure the message is clear as to why to pick you above your competitors, or above not spending in your industry at all
  • Conversion analysis to determine if any growth is possible in the percentage of sales from the current level of visitors to the site
  • Prepare action plan for next 90 days.

Graphic Design FAQ

Good Graphic Design is both easy to define, and a little more mysterious. At first, it needs to serve a purpose – communicate clearly and effectively a message or instructions. And then for it be even better, it needs to beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Unconsciously communicate and support a brands story and an emotional direction.

Graphic Designers spend years honing their craft, learning how to apply understanding of digital construction, typography, hierarchy, colour theory and trends in aesthetics. You should hire a designer because they are the most qualified to present your business, and your brand deserves the best!