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Social Media in Business

social media in business

The business environment is changing and becoming more dynamic. Today we can direct message (DM) a business on Facebook and almost immediately receive a response. We have the ability to follow celebrities or brands on Snapchat and get live updates on the ins and outs of their day. As a society, we are more connected than ever. Social Media in Business is a great tool for generating conversation and engagement. Technological advancements will only further aid these connections, continuing to bring people together and create quality relationships online.

Why does my business need Social Media? 

According to Forbes, in 2015 the number of businesses with a Facebook account was greater than 50 million. Chances are, your competitors are already on social media, interacting & building relationships with your target market. By using social media, you are increasing the visibility of your brand and creating connections with your potential clients.

Social Media allows you to be directly in contact with clients or customers at any time of day. Facebook for example, allows for direct two way communication. Imagine being able to send and receive messages to clients, without the hassle of a long email chain!

Posting relevant, original and engaging content creates conversation. If you’re a bait and tackle store, write an article about “Fishing on the Central Coast” and post it on Facebook. Make it specific to your business, and post it. Customers like to see a business Facebook accounts being active online. It creates a sense of loyalty, and a trust in your brand. Users of social media can like, share and comment on your posts. Each interaction is a chance for your brand to be promoted to someone new – another potential client.

Satisfied customers can leave reviews on your pages, and potential customers can read them. This is a great way to persuade new customers to use your business. Between 80 and 90% of customers will read reviews before choosing an business for their needs. One of the best platforms for reviews is Facebook!

With social media, you can keep track of your competitors. Watch what they are posting, what they are sharing, and keep up to date with any special offers. This will help your business to stay on par with the competition.

Social media is simple to set up, and easy to maintain. It’s a free source of promotion for your business and a great way to interact with potential customers. Follow our social media accounts:

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