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Tall, Technical and Talented!


Advantage Agency can’t resist bringing in new talent to the team.

When we met Chris, Liam, and Francis, it was professional perfection! Okay, we’re struggling to keep up the ‘First Date’ storyline, but we really are so excited about having these new legends join in the fun here at Advantage HQ. Here is a quick intro to these new crew members!

Chris – Account Manager

This tall drink of water hails from the Novocastrian region of New South Wales, and his experience in the Not-For-Profit sector was a big win for us. Passionate about truly helping people and businesses realize their full potential, plus his easy-going nature was the perfect fit for our Account Management team. Chris is going to be working shoulder to shoulder with fellow Account Manager Extraordinaire, Ashleigh, and is already making great strides in supporting and organizing our growing client base!


Liam – Web Developer

Hello Handsome! Liam has actually worked with Advantage on a contractor basis, on and off for a couple of years now. His talent for all things web development has helped Cameron realise his techy dreams and we thought it would be time to make it official. Liam’s skills for pumping out big chunks of website development and implementing Cameron and Navia’s designs will make him an indispensable part of our process as we begin to level up the scale of web-design services we provide here at Advantage.


Francis – Google Ads Coordinator

A quiet achiever, Friendly Francis knows how to get the most from the monolith that is Google Ads. His marketing experience with a huge range of industries means that he can cut right through and know where to twist the dials and tighten the screws in a Google Ads Campaign, giving you the best results possible. As Advantage grew, we knew we needed to get a dedicated team member for this nuanced marketing platform and we are stoked to be working with this clever cookie.