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The benefits of using Podcasts & Video for staff training

In this digital age, listening, storytelling comprehension, and the writing process are evolving before our eyes. Business owners are now taking advantage of the perks and convenience that the digital world.

We now recognize and value the fact that a learning doesn’t always have to be within the four corners of the training room with your desktop in front or that steps of the writing process with pencil and paper aren’t bound by tradition.

Podcasts are being used in businesses in a range of ways and they are now even using it as a tool they use for training and development. Podcasts are a mobile form of media and is slowly becoming one of the popular forms of media.

Here are the few benefits of using podcast as a training method


Podcasts offer portability and availability. It is available 24 hours a day. It gives employees lifetime access to learn. It can be downloaded anytime and anywhere, allowing your employees to be trained while they are commuting to or from work or even when they are waiting for a meeting to start. Podcasts are available in almost all smartphones which makes the process even more convenient.


Having your staff trained using podcasts saves you tons of money on employee training costs. It costs virtually nothing to produce and deliver.


It’s a challenge for an employee to just be reading an article or watch a recorded lecture in one sitting as they will just be doing one thing. It opens up with different range of distractions as the attention span only lasts for a couple of minutes. Podcasting increases retention in learning as it can have done alongside a routine activity or during their free time. It allows them to multi task such as filing papers, organizing their pedestals or driving. Because they are already distracted with a rote task, they give more attention to the content, thereby increasing learning capacity.

Reduces turnover

As a business, you can record your existing training materials or programs. The more time that the employees listen to your podcasts and be familiar with you, it can make them feel connected to you and builds loyalty and can help reduce turnover.

Differently-Abled friendly tool

If you have one or more employees that have learning impairments or have a different way of learning, it can be a friendly tool for them to learn. There may be some that struggle in reading and learning through listening makes it possible for them to learn as it is more enjoyable than reading.