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The Best Lead Magnet Blueprint For Your Business

A mailing list is an effective way to engage with your customers and promote your products and services. With 37% of brands set to increase their email budget this year, is there more you could do to bring value to your business through emails?

Building up your subscriber list can help you improve conversions and reach your goals, especially when they have a genuine interest in your brand. But how can you acquire more of these subscribers? The answer is lead magnets.

Lead magnets help encourage visitors to your website to share their details in exchange for something in return, such as access to some content, a free trial or a service. But for a lead magnet to pull in subscribers, it has to be worth their while.

Learn more about lead magnets and some of the most effective lead magnets for your business. What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a powerful tool for businesses that want to develop a valuable mailing list. Lead magnets are an incentive or free offer that a customer receives in exchange for their contact details, allowing a brand or business to market products or services to them in the future.

What are the different types of lead magnets?

There are many different types of lead magnets, including:

  • ebooks/white papers
  • Checklists
  • Webinars
  • Courses
  • Templates
  • Free trials

When an individual shares their information to receive their incentive, they opt-in to receive communications from a brand, which can include further information and resources to help convert them from a lead into a paying customer.

Making a lead magnet work for you

The blueprint for successful lead magnets will vary from business to business, and you’ll need to adjust your strategy according to the product or service you’re marketing, and your target audience.

The following steps can help you find a lead magnet strategy that works for you.

Consider your audience

Understanding your target audience will help you decide on the best approach to your lead magnet. What are your customers interested in? What can you offer that will bring them value or solve a problem? Consider what your audience needs and how you can provide it to them with a lead magnet.   

Choose lead magnet ideas that provide value

The best lead magnet ideas are the ones that provide value for your customers. It could be something that’s relevant to your business or industry, something that your customers will find useful if they sign up.

Courses, guides, ebooks and other types of content can be especially valuable for B2B customers, while consumers might appreciate a free trial or taster of your main product or service.

Create an appealing landing page

Your landing page for lead magnet sign-ups should be eye-catching, and easy to read. Keep your landing page within your brand, using fonts and colors that people will recognize. Using smaller banners across your website can also help to encourage those sign-ups at different points of the user journey. Check out some design trends to give you some inspiration.

Promote your lead magnet

Take the opportunity to promote your lead magnet across multiple channels. This is where you can use your social media channels, PPC advertising and other types of promotions to spread the word about your lead magnet offer and generate some interest.

Lead magnets can also work in face-to-face situations. If you’re attending an industry event or a trade show, why not offer a gift or a freebie in exchange for some contact information?

Promoting your lead magnet will serve as an opener for further marketing and promotions, increasing your ROI from those initial efforts.

Keep the momentum going

Once you have your leads in place, it’s time to keep the momentum going and engage with your subscribers. Share information, resources, special promotions and more to help turn your leads into paying customers, while also developing an engaged community. Keep the conversation going to help convert those hard-earned leads.

Using lead magnets to boost your business

By using lead magnets to attract new customers, you can help give your business the boost it needs and drive an increase in sales. Your lead magnet strategy should be tailored to your business and its target audience to help ensure the best results. Using the guide above, you can choose the types of lead magnets that will be the most effective for your business.

If you need help with lead magnets or any other marketing strategies for your business, contact the Advantage team. We’d love to talk to you about our marketing services and start the process of creating something amazing together.