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The Importance of Social Media

The advent of Social Media in marketing circles has changed the game. Often revered as the “unkown” many are apprehensive to engage in or leverage the power social media channels available to businesses today. From Facebook to YouTube, Linked In to Google Plus, Instagram to Pinterest, Social Media is here to stay. So embrace now, or regret it later.

It is vital to stress the importance of harnessing the incredible power of social media when you run your own business, or manage the marketing and communications function for a business that you work in.

In fact, ignoring social media today is now considered tantamount to refusing to advertise your company, after all, it is an important communication channel just like any other form of advertising. However, many fail to grasp that reaching more people and making greater profits (or generating more leads) is much simpler when you have social media doing the hard work for you.

However, you have a company to run (or a million people asking you for marketing support) you don’t have hours to spend carefully crafting Facebook management techniques, or videos to put on YouTube. Even if you decided to commit some time to LinkedIn management to ensure that the right people are finding you, there will be aspects that you are missing. After all, it is likely that you are not an expert on social media after all.

And that’s okay! Our full suite of social media services, involves analysing your current online presence, and assessing exactly what changes are required to bring your targeted market to you. After all, not every social media channel is required for your business. By allowing social media experts to give their valuable input into your company’s advertising approach, you will immediately see the value added to both your customers and your profits.

Social media plays an integral role in the recommendation, sharing and education of your business or service to your clients. More people are making purchases through social media branding than ever before, because they have spent the time researching the product or service, asking opinions, sharing information and reading reviews.

Whilst we understand that Social Media can be met with some uncertainty, fear of the unknown and hesitation, the team at Advantage Agency are poised to support you through the process, helping you to understand it, and ultimately, leverage it into a powerful communication and sales channel for your business.