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Updates to LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is growing in popularity in 2021 thanks to recent changes made to their advertising platform which we’ll dig into later in this article.
You would be right in questioning and researching if advertising on LinkedIn is a good investment for your business, just as you would for all other platforms; Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.

Your own due diligence is valuable, however, it’s also worth considering the opinions of other major players both inside and outside of your market to evaluate how they view LinkedIn.

Should You Advertise on LinkedIn?

In 2016 Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $196 per share  valuing LinkedIn at $26.2 billion dollars.

Consider the collective insight, research and knowledge within Microsoft as an organisation and leverage this for your own gain.

If Microsoft can see long term value in LinkedIn, is that a positive sign for you to invest more time, effort and advertising budget on this platform?

We believe the answer is yes.

Updates to LinkedIn Advertising

If you have advertised your businesses, products or services on Facebook or Google before, you may know the evolutionary advertising advances that have been created over the last five odd years. Options and opportunities such as:

  1. Video view tracking.
  2. Retargeting/Remarketing based on actions taken.
  3. Custom Audiences.
  4. Among others.

This is a large reason why every second business you know has at least tried marketing on these platforms.

The good news about these features is that LinkedIn has begun to catch up. There’re now identical and similar opportunities on the LinkedIn ad platform that you could try and test out today.

If you are in an industry or marketplace that lends itself very well to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is likely an ‘opportunity platform’ for your business to explore.

However, it’s not only about running ads, paying for ads or spreading your brand across LinkedIn in their ad display spots. There are alternative strategies that make better sense on LinkedIn, and will deliver more targeted sales leads and connections, for whatever your target market.

If B2B advertising and marketing fits your business, or if your clients are the demographic who are likely to be on LinkedIn, then advertising there only makes sense.

The Advantage team can guide you through the strategies for LinkedIn advertising, and other avenues that will compliment these efforts. Contact us to set up a call between our team and yourself so we can ask a few simple questions to better understand what you are looking for and what are the best strategies to implement to arrive at the destination you’re planning.