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Wrapping up 2020 with a short break

Advantage Marketing Agency Wrapping Up 2020

Here we are, wrapping up one of the craziest years ever! Just a reminder that our office closure period is as follows:

Thursday, December 24th – Sunday, Jan 3rd

This is our final update for the year, with some important news in case you missed it:

First and foremost – Thank you

A massive thank you to you, our valued clients for working with us over this last year. We are overjoyed to have helped some clients come through one of their hardest years ever, and others in maximising their best year yet. Either way, you are the ultimate heroes in this story and we want to commend you on your hard work and success this year.

Client Services

All ongoing marketing accounts will remain active over the closure unless otherwise specified. Any scheduled items such as Social Media Calendars, backlinks, blogs & reports have been brought forward to make up for the gap, if required. This means no interruption to our deliverables.

Website builds, small web & graphic design jobs and web support will go on hold unless otherwise specified and agreed to between us and you. On that note, a reminder about our emergency support:

Emergency support

Please contact [email protected] for emergency support during our closure. Consider the following terms carefully:

  • Emergency support is defined by any loss or degradation of a service we supply that is critically affecting the clients business during the closure that cannot be left until normal office returns
  • Ad-hoc emergency support jobs are charged in minimum 2-hour blocks at our premium hourly rate of $162.50, unless otherwise quoted. Reasonable turnaround times will be communicated by the Advantage team member supporting you.
  • Where the client has an ongoing account with Advantage and this work would be considered within scope, it must be deemed critical and time-sensitive or it will be subjected to additional fees.

Website Security

As always, we ask that you remain vigilant when it comes to your cyber security. Over the last year we have seen plenty of new clients who have experienced problems with hacking due to SCAM emails, outdated/insecure websites and/or password issues. Please consider your strategy when it comes to these items.

We offer basic monitoring and maintenance plans that keep your website secure and up to date:

Subscribe to the government’s latest SCAM alerts:

What have we been up to in December?

I mean, apart from the end of year madness, we have been doing what we can to get involved and give back to our local community.

CEO Cleanup

A bit of a round up for Take 3 For The Sea’s Central Coast CEO Clean-up, which was exactly what you’d guess it was: a group of CEOs cleaning up rubbish here on the Central Coast. It was amazing to part of a group of almost 50 CEOs and see just what’s really going on in our world when it comes to plastic pollution – spoiler: there is a lot more around us than you might think and it’s Take 3’s goal to educate about this fact:

Post School Work Options Presentation at Northlakes High School

This was a workshop organised by The Smith Family, who happen to be our office neighbours here in Long Jetty. As someone who isn’t accustomed to public speaking, but trying to do more, I was given the exciting opportunity to give a small presentation and speak with the kids in a group setting. The audience was year 10 students at North Lakes school who turned out to be nowhere near as intimidating as I had imagined and a great batch of willing-to-learn kids. The goal of the event was to help equip these up-and-comers with opportunities and pathways for their future careers:

Soul Soup

We can’t put it simpler than their own website: “Soul Soup is a charity organisation whose goal is to help the less fortunate members of our Central Coast community”. We were seeking a local partner who is on the ground in our local community and making real impact in the lives of locals less fortunate than us – we found Soul Soup and decided to donate our marketing services to the cause.

We want to get the word out and we have the tools to do it. Soul Soup is a young, small charity and our hope is that they can maximise their resource in feeding and donating to those around us. You will be seeing more of these guys, that’s for sure:

Our Team

A bit of an update into the people behind Advantage and what they’ve been up to. Some notable mentions:

  • Ginny, our Social Media Manager, got married! Congrats Ginny
  • We signed up for a group membership at the local gym, The Rig. Got to work off those COVID bods! As marketing gurus our posture is often sacrificed for the greater good.
  • Danielle our GM bought her kids a kitten… yikes
  • Scott our Senior Account Manager was meant to be in Melbourne right now, but after making it to the border by motorbike ride, he was turned back. Not the kind of road trip you want!

See you on Jan 4th!

Each and every one of our clients is deeply valued by the team here at Advantage. We wish you an amazing, safe and relaxing End of Year and look forward to 2021 where we can help you kick some goals.