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Conversion Optimisation

conversion optimisation

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is when a customer successfully takes any action you want them too. i.e. phoning you. It can also be emailing, visiting, filling in a form or most importantly, going ahead with your service. In our previous article “Impressions in Marketing”, we talked about impressions, exposure and engagement, which while great, are ineffectual if no conversion is eventually made. Remember, conversions don’t always happen instantly, these things can take time.


Website and graphic design are services where the goal is to lead your business to conversions. If your brand looks great or it’s unique, that’s all well and good, but if you’re targeting the wrong demographic then the impact is lost. A proper designer considers these factors since design is so subjective, so individual. There are advancements in design that are generally considered best practices. There is actually a lot of psychology involved in design. Does the design of your logo, your website and other assets inspire the correct values and associations? It’s important for memory, and initial impression plays a big part.

McDonalds Conversion

McDonalds Design

The Red and yellow of McDonalds is extremely memorable, and recognisable even when not featured in the traditional McDonalds logo
Google logo

Google Design

The 4 Google Colours are very memorable, and recognisable even when not in the standard Google Search format


How accessible is your brand? Are you placing signs out at each job site? Dropping off business cards at local business? This is where uniqueness can come into play. People are bombarded with brands, how does your look different? Is it different in a good way?

Specifically in relation to your website, how fast does it load and is it correctly optimised for mobile devices? You have 5-7 seconds to capture someone’s interest in your website, is the first thing people see enough to do that?

Ricardo Stationary

Tips for Increasing Conversion:

1. Make what your service is about blatantly obvious straight away

2. Work out what action you want visitors to take most, and make it easy for them to do. Do you want them to make a phone call or sign up to a mailing list?

3. Include the phone number directly in view so the customer doesn’t need to scroll to find it.

4. And finally…. Include some high quality sliders

Does your website show off your best?
A high-quality image slider is a great way to achieve some interactivity
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