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Social Media Management Starter Plans

High quality content that gets your platforms noticed

Advantage has always had a keen focus on keeping our team highly skilled and with unique visions for quality content. With experience in creating content for everything from the building industry to Vedic meditation, we thrive on new challenges and exercising our creativity. With competitive subscription tiers to our peers, you’ll find the best fit for your business’s social media needs.

We keep work local

Our core team resides right on the NSW Central Coast. If you need content developed, such as photoshoots, video or graphics, you can speak directly to the team doing the work.

Quality focussed

Our practices are in line with those of the best Content Creators in the world. We avoid the kitschy Social Media “trends” and stick with what actually works so your brand remains authentic and relevant.

Value driven

By handing over your Social Media Management to us, you get a whole team of experienced designs & marketers behind your business presentation.

It's all out in the open

Our checklist reveals exactly the tasks we perform each month. Every Brand has a subscription tier suited to them and itemised for your brand's needs so that you know exactly where it's at.

Our team has a passion for authentic and effective Brand Representation and understands the importance and value of consistent and relevant content for businesses of all types.

Starting from $1,250 +GST Monthly

Being Present

for brands that want to build brand awareness and keep on their audiences radar
$ 599 Monthly
  • 1st Month Dedicated to Research, Setup, Strategy Briefing
  • 10 posts p/m, on 3 Social Platform
  • Monthly Scheduling Calendar Reviews
  • Monthly Assessment and Refinement
  • 1-3 Graphic Design Works within the 10 posts
  • Basic Reporting
  • Market & Hashtag Research
  • Community Management

Leading the Way

for brands that want to be industry leaders and regularly communicate with their communities and peers
$ 1099 Monthly
  • Research, Setup, Strategy Briefing
  • 24 posts p/m over 3 Social Platforms
  • Monthly Scheduling Calendar Reviews
  • Monthly Assessment and Refinement
  • 8-10 Graphic Design Works within the 24 posts
  • Reporting
  • Market & Hashtag Research
  • 1hr Community Management

Ready to stand out from the crowd?

The quickest way to build brand recognition and interest is by having a consistent and engaging Social Media Presence. Get in touch today to get your Brand seen. 

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