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From Likes to Leads: 10 Facebook Ad Benefits That Will Catapult Your Business into the Social Media Stratosphere

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Many businesses focus intensely on winning in Google Search. And who can blame them? It’s the number one search engine in the world.

But Facebook offers advantages you simply can’t get through conventional SEO. In many ways, its advertising platform is even better than Google’s and gives you more options.

Here are ten Facebook ad benefits that will catapult your business into the social media stratosphere:

1. Mobile-Friendly Ads

The most significant benefit of Facebook Ads is how incredibly mobile-friendly they are. The social network is native to smartphones, meaning you can leverage the available screen real estate efficiently.

Facebook’s research suggests that its mobile-first approach is productive. It claims that brands adopting this route have 27% higher “brand lift” than those using unoptimised video ads.

2. Targeted Ads

Another benefit of Facebook Ads is their targeting capabilities. Unlike Google, the social network can collect more granular details about its users, improving the effectiveness of advertising on its platform.

For example, Facebook collects information about users’ demographics, interests and geography. It also lets you discern between qualified leads, enabling more targeted campaigns.

3. Leverage More Data

Facebook Ads also let you leverage more data with less effort. You can grab emails, names and phone numbers rapidly, and feed them into your CRM to start dialogues and move prospects along your sales funnels.

All this information is available in Facebook’s Ad Manager. Simply launch your campaign and start analysing.

4. Improved Content Marketing

Facebook Ads services also improve the quality of your content marketing. That’s because the service gives you tools that mesh with your sales funnels.

For instance, you can set up Facebook Ads with traffic as an objective, encouraging people to go to a specific landing page. You also have engagement as an objective, where ads try to get as many impressions as possible for brand awareness. It’s up to you which segment of the conversion pipeline you target.

5. Reach More People

Reaching more people is another benefit of Facebook Ads. Instead of restricting your business to Google Ads management services, these let you put your ads in front of people who might not use search.

Remember, 40% of Gen Zers prefer to find information on platforms other than Google, which includes Facebook.

6. Better Remarketing

Facebook Ads also lets you remarket your advertising, just like Google Ads services. In other words, you can continually recycle your message to leads, even when they go to third-party websites.

Many brands find this strategy helpful for increasing revenues or boosting conversions. It also comes in handy when you want to increase the return on advertising spend, which can be a powerful tool for managers or executives who need to run spending decisions past boards.

7.  Bypass Audiences You Don’t Want

Another benefit of Facebook ad management services is that they let you bypass advertising to audiences who won’t buy your products or services. You can prevent ads from showing on low-quality markets or to segments who want to buy but don’t have the financial means.

Setting up block lists is straightforward. You can set out the URLs where you don’t want your ads to appear in the Audience Network and elsewhere. Once on the block list, you get more for your advertising buck.

8. Access The World’s Largest Audience

Likewise, companies benefit from Facebook’s gigantic global audience when using the platform’s ads. According to recent estimates, the platform now has approximately 3.03 billion monthly active users, representing significant growth since 2020.

That audience might not be quite the size of Google’s, but it is substantial. It means brands can find people who will buy practically any product or service.

9. Fast Results

You also get fast results when you use Facebook ads. The platform enables you to attract customers immediately while working on your long-term strategy in the background. In other words, you can leverage it to get money through the door at the start, with most approvals by the Facebook team within 24 hours.

10. Highly Affordable

Finally, Facebook ads can be affordable, so long as you implement them professionally. Targeting the optimal audience and looking for hacks that reduce outreach expenses can be effective at reducing the cost.

Whether you already use our SEO services in Australia or not, our Facebook Ads services help you improve your outreach. Talk to our team today to discuss how we can help you.