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We help manufacturing & industrial businesses evolve in an increasingly digital world

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Why brands like Mobil 1, Ryco & James Hardie choose us

We know the industry because it’s in our DNA. Our Co-Founder & Head of Strategy Kevin Spiteri, a tool-maker turned marketer has helped build Advantage on the knowledge formed only by real industry experience.

Kevin spent the first 13 years of his career within industrial (primarily Australian / International engineering businesses) working across the various industries including manufacturing, mining, aerospace, automotive, agricultural, engineering, transport, construction, civil, construction and defence. 

In particular, as Head of Marketing in Australasia for Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE, Fortune 500). This unique combination sets us apart from your everyday marketing agency, providing us with a distinct advantage in servicing clients within the manufacturing & industrial sphere. All this without compromise to our strategic, technical & creative skillset.

Why it's important to be thinking about brand and marketing

Most people know why, in theory, marketing is important. Many believe it’s not relevant to them (especially when they have done well in business quite organically).

For years, manufacturing and industrial businesses have succeeded by “being present” and “doing a great job”, the times are changing however as those who owned these businesses, and the decision-makers who are purchasing from them are changing. Specifically, it’s become more important now than ever for businesses in the manufacturing or industrial space, to develop their brand and marketing position.

Stand Out From the Crowd

We have observed that Manufacturing and Industrial businesses typically rely on traditional sales to generate business. There's absolutely still a place for this, but with more noise than ever it's important to think "what makes you different"? Implementing an integrated traditional and digital marketing strategy will help put you front of mind against the competition.

Decision Makers are Changing

As Gen X & Gen Y move into decision-making positions across your clients' businesses, the way they interact & communicate with suppliers has shifted. The younger demographic is more receptive to tech and may need multiple interactions with a brand before they are confident to hear from them; you have to prove yourself before they let you even begin a relationship. Business is no longer as simple as B2B or B2C, it's People to People. How you communicate, as well as When & Why, matters.

Consumer-behaviour is shifting

The trickle-up effect of consumer behaviour shifting is that everyone in the supply chain is forced more and more online. COVID has only accelerated this, and with this comes standards and expectations that, if you're not online, you're not worth the time. In a world where people have lower and lower attention spans, you want to eliminate all friction, practically serving your brand on a platter to be successful.

Capitalise on your legacy

Manufacturing & industrial businesses often have a huge amount of history, some 10s or even 100s of years old. Turn this into an advantage by telling your story the way you want it to be told. Highlight the challenges you've overcome, your wins, strengths & experiences rather than being seen as old & tired and ultimately forgotten in favour of fresher, more progressive or agile businesses.

We help industrial and manufacturing brands across all sectors.

All of your marketing needs, harmoniously in one place.


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