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Paid Social Media Advertising Is More Powerful Than Ever | This Is Advantage

Paid Social Media Advertising Is More Powerful Than Ever _ This Is Advantage

It’s been almost 20 years since social media entered the mainstream with the arrival of MySpace. In that time, how we use social media has changed dramatically. What started life as a platform where you could connect with friends and family and share a cute cat video or two, quickly evolved into an exciting opportunity for businesses to promote themselves for free.

Right now, the way we use social media is continuing to change. With 4.62 billion social media users globally, getting your business noticed by your target audience has never been more challenging. As the number of people that use social media continues to grow each year, now is the time to take action and reconsider your social media strategy.

Social media platforms are now crowded places. This means the chances of you getting the results from the social media marketing you are looking for have been seriously reduced. Upping your social media marketing efforts may help you realise a slight uptick in your results. But, to achieve meaningful results from your campaign, you need to rethink the concept of social media being a free source of advertising.

Given the power of social media, it is no surprise that 83 per cent of marketing leaders report using it as part of their digital marketing campaigns. But, you may be surprised by how many marketers use paid social media advertising to leverage results.

A 2021 poll conducted by HubSpot showed that 79 per cent of marketers reported paying for advertising on Facebook. The poll also states 50 per cent of marketers plan to increase their investments in Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube during 2022. If you have avoided paying to promote your business on social media so far, now is the time to dive into the world of paid social media advertising and discover the benefits and return on investment it brings your business.

How Paid Social Media Advertising Can Help Your Business

The world is a busy place; the way people shop is changing, communication has evolved, and customers are growing savvier. Each of these factors makes it incredibly challenging to get your business noticed, especially when so many others are vying for your target audience’s attention. While you may channel lots of your effort into social media marketing, unless you are using paid social media, your efforts are most likely to be ineffective.

Paid social media advertising is more powerful than ever right now. As social media continues to change and evolve as a marketing platform, you must ensure your business is not left behind. Investing in social media ads now will help to keep your business ahead of the trend and drive meaningful results. Here are just some of the benefits of getting on board with paid social media advertising:

Extend Your Reach

Contending with social media algorithms is no easy task, so getting some extra help is the best way to extend your reach and get your business noticed. Using both paid and organic social media is a winning combination. While you may not be able to get the results you are looking for through organic social media alone, your paid ad campaigns will provide a boost that sees your traffic grow and your followers increase.

Cut Through the Noise

According to Statista, increased exposure is the main benefit marketers report when using paid social media advertising. With billions of users worldwide, standing out from the crowd and getting your business noticed is only possible when you choose paid social media ads. Even the cleverest organic social campaign can only take your posts so far. To cut through the noise, you need paid social media.

Build Brand Recognition

Social media is essential for brand building. Creating social media content that strengthens your brand as part of your paid campaigns is the most effective tool to communicate your brand’s tone of voice and personality. These are critical factors in differentiating your brand from your competitors, and paid social media makes it possible for you to ensure this message reaches your target audience.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, paid social media advertising is one of the most effective tools you have available to get your business noticed. Enjoying the benefits of brand recognition, standing out from your competitors and extending your reach can all be achieved when you use social media ads effectively.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us to learn how we can help you deliver a social media marketing strategy that delivers results.