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Scrolling to Success: 10 Irresistible Perks of Placing Your Business on the Facebook Ad Stage

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Business is a drama, and your brand takes centre stage whenever you place a Facebook Ad. The global platform provides the perfect backdrop for anyone wanting to increase their presence and tell a story to their customers.

Even so, many businesses still don’t use it. Many worry about the cost, implementation or reach of the platform.

This post is here to assuage your fears. We list ten irresistible perks of placing your company on the Facebook ad stage. By the end of it, you’ll understand why practically every business in the world uses the platform.

1. Massive Audience Reach

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One of the biggest reasons for using Facebook for ads is the sheer reach of the platform. The social media site has more than 3.049 billion monthly active users, making it larger than Instagram, LinkedIn and the resurgent TikTok.

Facebook’s massive reach comes from its long, twenty-year history and global rollout. You can find an audience on Facebook no matter who you sell to.

2. Enormous Choice Of Ad Formats

Secondly, Facebook ads services give you an enormous choice of formats. Options range from single-image ads to sponsored posts, playable ads, slideshows, and messenger ads.

Facebook updates these constantly, so options change regularly. Proper A/B testing with Ad Manager metrics can help you identify the most lucrative opportunities for your brand and products.

3. Scale Ads Easily

Facebook also makes it possible to scale your ad efforts with ease. The platform allows you to expand campaigns as your business grows, reaching more customers and competing for screen real estate with other firms.

The most straightforward approach is to increase your budget. Adding more money to your account lets you display more ads to prospects. Also, you can target off-topic interests, follow competitor strategies, or use algorithmically-generated lookalike models.

4. Get Fast Results in a Facebook Ad

You can also get results rapidly when you use Facebook ad management services. The platform is advantageous because it approves ads for serving speed. While Google and other PPC platforms might insist on delays, the social network is often friendlier to businesses’ needs. Metrics show your return on investment in real-time, letting you track campaigns and results and improve your marketing strategy.

5. Spend Less

Advertising on Facebook is also cheap. Most businesses pay just $0.50 to $2.00 per click in Australia, which is more affordable than Google.

To put these figures into context, Instagram ads are about three times more expensive, and LinkedIn charges up to four times more. Even Pinterest is dearer.

6. Generate Customer Loyalty

Facebook ads are also an excellent platform for generating customer loyalty. Building ads around content helps you build authority, trust, and prestige online.

7. Boost App Instals

Another often-overlooked benefit of using Facebook’s ad platform is its ability to boost app instals. You can integrate download options into ads to increase conversion and get more people using your software.

According to data from SingleGrain, 98% of Facebook users access the site exclusively on mobile (with less than 1.5% using a laptop or computer). Therefore, ads that link to app downloads can supercharge conversions and help transition more users away from clunky browsers to your preferred digital brand environment.

8. Track Performance With Granular Data

Facebook ad management services

With Facebook, you can also track ad performance with granular data. The site breaks down how well your advertising is doing across multiple dimensions, providing deeper insights.

For example, Facebook offers metrics like reach, impressions, clicks, and cost-per-click at the campaign level. It also tells you demographics like age, gender, location, and language at the ad set level and cost-per-conversion at the ad level. With these statistics, you can slice and dice your ads to gain new insights for optimisation and adjustment.

9. Impeccable Targeting

The Facebook ad stage also boosts targeting. Unlike Google, the social media platform can collect information about a user’s behaviour, life events, and purchase intentions through sophisticated tracking facilities. Then, you can leverage this information to present your ads to prospects who are most likely to convert, helping you use your budget better.

10. Retarget Customers

Finally, just like Google, Facebook offers ad retargeting facilities. These let you display additional ads on third-party websites, reminding customers of their previous interest in your products or services. Constant reminders help to build trust and drive conversions over time.