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Remarketing and Your Marketing Strategy

There’s countless concepts a company could build into their marketing strategy.  

To list a few, there’s:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Offline marketing.  

And within just these four categories there’s more strategies then what you probably have time to try out and test for your company.  

Over the last few years, there’s one strategy that has become one of the most important and sometimes most profitable arms of marketing campaigns.  

Introducing Remarketing.  

Whilst there is not “countless” ways remarketing can be used, there is probably still more than what the average business owner or marketing manager will get around to this year.  

We believe that all marketing strategies should have a steady budget set for remarketing, each day, each week, month and quarter.

You may of heard or read something similar to:

“It takes seven (or whoever many) touches before someone will take notice of your Ad, or will take action of your ad”.

There’s several variations of this statement, and the specifics and exact truth of it are different for every business, product and industry. However, we (and most) believe the basics of this to be true.  

How it Works

Let’s say for example you ran an advertisement on Facebook for your company, you spent $500, maybe you got a couple of enquiries, made a sale and got lots of interaction on your ad.  

Now you have created a large group of people who have both:

  • Seen your Ad on Facebook. And;
  • Have interacted with your businesses page.

This group of people have now taken the first step of seven, or however many you think it will take to become your customer.  

It’s highly recommended that you continue to utilise and monetise this group of people by continuing to reach out to / advertise to them again and again.

Doing this is called remarketing. This is always a part of our own marketing strategy at Menace.

Using Remarketing in Your Marketing Strategy

If you have been in business for longer than six months, there’s something else you have likely heard people say when talking about marketing…

“Getting a customer the first time, is the most expensive and difficult part.”

The more cost effective you could make winning a new customer, the better.  

Instead of spending another $500 to reach out to a new group of people, having remarketing part of your marketing strategy will see you reaching out to the same group of people who almost, but didn’t become your customer, from your previous marketing efforts.  

Remarketing can be done on all major platforms and most websites on the internet.  

Video and Remarketing

Using video to get your message across to your target customers is growing more popular, because it can be effective when used right.  

Imagine if 1,000 target customers watched your video.  

Some of these 1,000 may become customers right on the spot. But what about the people who watched:

  • 3% of your video? (they probably aren’t too interested? – Or maybe they got distracted or called away).
  • 25% of your video? (they were obviously somewhat interested, but perhaps where looking for a different style or colour or type than what you were marketing).  
  • Do you have different styles/types/whatever to remarket to this group of people who sat and watched 25% of your video?
  • 50% of your video? (Well, it would be worth spending a little bit more to get these peoples attention again).  
  • 75% of your video? (You can see our point).  

This is why remarketing can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy, especially when you are using video.

We have a dedicated videographer and graphics team who create marketing videos for our clients, and then roll them out and advertise them, use remarketing techniques and so on.  

Would you benefit with some professional help in this area? Organise a friendly and no obligation call with our team!