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The Entrance Place Plan – Boosting the Local Economy

This one is for The Central Coast locals. As an agency hailing in from Long Jetty, our sister town, The Entrance, will be undergoing a much-needed revitalisation project starting with a Place Plan.

Everyone can agree that The Entrance has history and amazing potential as a key destination here on The Central Coast. Its a favourite holiday pick frequented by many, however a core focus for the plan is to make it a bustling hub for the locals that live in The Entrance and surrounds too.

The project has considerations to business, environment, entertainment, hospitality, arts and culture sectors – that’s no small job. Central Coast Council needs the voices of the Central Coast to feed ideas, thoughts and vision into this plan.

Let’s ensure it’s a representation of the people and that no one can say that we didn’t have the opportunity.

We provide marketing services to a number of businesses in The Entrance, so this news is well received, but beyond that, as locals who live here we are excited by the prospect of this project.

We believe that it’s our responsibility as a local business to spread the word. This is the first step of responsibility that we can take towards a more dynamic and exciting region. Imagine a time when local businesses have a steady stream of customers, sales and leads. Whilst our services are designed to do just this, the appeal of a location is a platform for the success of a business. Healthy businesses attract new businesses. For the individual, this means more options – it becomes a thriving coastal town with lots to do, lots to see, lots to buy and lots to eat. For the existing businesses in surrounding areas, this means more business. It’s the same phenomenon that leads to the urbanisation and success of cities – a positive cycle that once entered into becomes a magnet for growth and success.

As a marketing and web agency who calls The Central Coast home, we figured that we have a humble platform to inform people around us. Every business has a responsibility to their area, their peers, their followers. One of our key values is community, so in the spirit of community let’s make some noise. By noise, I mean sensible, constructive feedback amongst mature adults.

Please visit Council’s Your Voice Our Coast listing for the project, give it a read and follow through to the Ideas Wall to put forward your thoughts. Let’s build up The Entrance to what it deserves to be.