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The Top Three Reasons You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website is no longer an option when developing or building your website – it’s an expectation. Here are the top three reasons why your business needs a mobile responsive web design, what benefits it will provide you with, and how Advantage Agency can support you with your website update or new design.

The Top Three Reasons You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

by Kevin Spiteri – Co-Founder of Advantage Agency.

Over the past several years, mobile marketing has taken the world by storm; from voice chat to shopping, QR scanning and text messaging, consumers all over the world are increasing their data usage and finding new ways to use their mobile technology to their advantage.

As far as businesses are concerned, there is one takeaway from this trend; for those ventures that want to give their clients cutting-edge access to their brand technology, having a mobile site is no longer an option, it’s an expectation.

For those in doubt, currently, there are approximately 17.9 million smartphones owned and used in Australia alone. There is also only a fraction under 26 Million people IN Australia. Full stop. If we’re talking about Tablets, in 2020, 3.4 million tablets were sold in Australia (cite Telsyte)

The fact is that as Smartphone and tablet accessibility and technology grow, the importance of implementing a mobile-friendly (aka Mobile responsive) website becomes paramount to any business hoping to succeed in the digital age.

The following are the top three reasons that your business needs a mobile website:

Because Google Says So

With a 92.47% market share, Google is pretty much the Granddaddy of anything Internet and Google has taken all the mystery out of figuring out whether to take your site mobile by calling responsive web design the ‘industry best practice’.

Having a mobile site helps Google tremendously by making things efficient; with only one URL (uniform resource Locator – aka web address) and all the same HTML (this is just a type of programming language or “code”) no matter what device is being used, responsive design helps keep things simple for Google to crawl your site and organise your content.

Your Users Love It

Cutting-edge mobile technology translates directly to a more satisfying user experience, which is why a responsive website is one of the best ways to keep your users happy.

True to myriad mobile statistics, your users will opt to access your site across a variety of devices and screen sizes; while it will never be possible to anticipate the preferences of each and every user, it is entirely possible to accommodate any and all by making certain your site is completely responsive. In a nutshell, when Advantage Agency designs a website, it is ALWAYS mobile responsive, and is designed to change and adapt to ANY mobile device that the website is viewed on!

Easier SEO

Search Engine Optimisation can be tough enough without having to embark on multiple SEO campaigns in order to promote multiple sites; having both a mobile and a desktop site can not only make your SEO efforts far more complicated, it can add much more time and money to your SEO investments.

For many business owners, maintaining one responsive site is the answer to these issues; responsive website design goes a long way toward resolving these issues and keeping your web presence as manageable as possible.

So when it comes to responsive web design, the choice is simple; with the sheer number of consumers choosing to access the Internet via a number of different devices, opting for the one-size-fits-all strategy just makes sense.

The team at Advantage Agency is always available to help you build a solid mobile responsive website, and ensure you maintain a professional digital presence; supporting business on the Central Coast of NSW, Sydney and Newcastle for all of their Marketing, Digital and Social Media needs, call the Advantage crew today to set up a consultation or visit our pages!