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The Uncomplicated Guide to Business Outreach on LinkedIn

2021…What a year that was, huh?

What do you mean, it’s only September?

You’re right, it is. Yet already so much has changed, and how quickly. In the blink of an eye, we survived a firestorm, celebrated the year’s end with family and loved ones, endured flooding and relentless rains, and now as we enter the month of April, we as a nation, as a global community are in the midst of yet another test of our ability as human beings to adapt and survive. It is in a single word… SURREAL!

As a business owner, you have probably been through a million one emotions over the past couple of weeks and you’re certainly not alone. But you’re thinking during this time is critical, because how you act now is what sets you up for the future.

Adapt and Refocus

If, like many, you find yourself staying at home in self isolation to practice social distancing and doing your part to flatten the curve – seriously, it’s only September and we have already coined that many new phrases… wow!

But, if you are doing all of the things asked of you right now, as a business owner, you’re going to be feeling the pressure more than most. There are so many unknowns going on around us right now, and we can only deal with what we do know, which means the time to adapt and refocus is here.

If you are struggling with understanding what you are meant to be doing or at the very least should be doing, then feel reassured that help is out there. In fact, it is right here.

Act now and build on the future.

The future is always a day away and during the best of times, nobody can truly predict what is going to happen in the next hour, let alone day or month. So, trying to make predictions in such unprecedented times at present is not impossible, yet it is something we all try to do.

What we should be putting energy and focus into is what we do know. Right now, that is recognising we are business owners with a need, a need to survive, create a pipeline and with it a new stream of revenue. Sounds impossible, right?


Build it and they will come

Now is the ideal time for you to really set about building out your opportunities pipeline and setting you and your business up for a much healthier future.

But how? You can’t get to meetings, right? All of those networking events you had planned to attend have been cancelled. There are no social events taking place that allow you to open avenues of discussion. This is all true, but there is an online community at your fingertips… its name is LINKEDIN.

Right now, digital consumption is reaching record levels, stands to reason really doesn’t it, and a platform like LinkedIn is going to provide you a perfect opportunity to start building new connections and pipelines. Connections and relationships that take time to nurture, conversations that require ice to be broken, common ground to be shared and trust to be built before you can sell a single morsel. Well, that time is right now.

It’s time for you to start putting a plan together of what you can do at this moment in time to continue building business opportunities for the future. If you act now, not only will you be giving yourself the best opportunity for your business – a healthy pipeline that has been qualified and nurtured during a downturn.

Things will change again

We don’t know the future but we can be pretty sure that at some point (hopefully) not too far down the track, some form of order will be restored and we will all be allowed to see each other again, hug our families, take in an event, or return to our favourite public places, just as we once did.

It will be the same for your business and you can use this time now as a platform from which to build a future.

To help with this, the team here at Advantage Agency have been busy creating tools and information to share with business owners at no expense. It’s our way of saying we’ve got your back! And we have. Which is why we have created this uncomplicated guide to getting started with your business outreach on LinkedIn.

Full of helpful, easy to follow advice, a checklist to getting started and some important tips to remember, we are sure you’ll get some great value from this tool.