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Why Website Design is so important

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In today’s online Marketplace having a website is crucial for any business wanting to thrive. Not only must you have a website, it should also be functional and easy to use for the user. Not only must it be functional for Desktops and laptops but also for Mobile users, Mobile use is at an all-time high so having a site that can be easily displayed on a mobile phone is crucial. Quality Website Design allows for a website that is easy to use for the customer.


One of the most important parts of a website is navigation. The navigation of a site seems like an obvious aspect to any site, but a lot of sites get it wrong. Think of it in this way, could my Grandparents use this website easily? If not, then you know it needs some work done.

The navigational bar at the top of the homepage should be clearly labelled with an easy to read font and colouring. With some websites developers insist on using fancy templates and designs, but often less is more. A simpler yet still elegant design can allow easier navigation throughout the site and content.

Conversion Rate

If you’re running an online store, having a functional and responsive website is going to be even more important. This allows the potential customer to effortlessly be able to maneuver through the website with ease.

Say for example, you search on Google for ‘Wedding Cakes Central Coast’ and click on a website that looks interesting to you. You then start scrolling through the wedding cakes and the website is taking forever to load the images of the wedding cakes, that would be super frustrating, right? It might possibly deter you from continuing to browse on this site. This is a simple example of a poor web design that is not functional to the user and therefore effects the websites conversion rates. There are many factors that affect your conversion rate but the basic thing to understand is, the website should be easy to use and navigate, remember the customers time is precious so don’t distract them from doing what they want to do. Even the small things can increase your conversion rates such as a font change or colour.

Web Design can affect your Business image

You know how people say your home reflects the person you are? The same can be said about a website. If your business has a website that looks shoddy and cheap, this may have consequences on your Business image. Your business may be highly reputable but the website might ruin its reputation, that’s why there can be no shortcuts when designing a website.

If you’re scrolling through a website and it appears scammy looking, you might then associate the business as being scammy and deter potential customers. Consistency is key, let your website portray the reputable business you operate and you will reap the rewards. This also applies to a business logo, your print materials should match your websites company logo, this allows for a consistent Business image and allows the customer to recognise your logo with ease.


Having unique yet engaging content is paramount. The content must also be clear, concise and not too text-heavy. This allows for an easier read for the customer and they’ll be more likely to absorb the information. If the text is too crammed and thick the reader will become tired and may lose interest in the page or site, this should be avoided at all costs. Don’t be afraid to add humour to your content, this can sometimes engage the reader and keep them entertained and interested in the information.

Overall, if you consider these factors in this article when designing your site, you should be on the right track. Consult with a professional website designer if you want to have a website that is functional, responsive, creative and engaging for the customer – Advantage Agency is ready to talk when you are!