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Website Support Terms

Our website support service is preferably offered as a monthly retainer. This is so we can allocate the resources to ensure your service is covered and our response times are met. Where website support services are offered as needed (ad-hoc), we can’t guarantee that our terms of service are met. Below we have outlined our default support terms offered by our monthly support retainer service:

Scope of coverage: what is covered?

A website support job is a request from the customer to address an issue or make a change to an existing website that has already been delivered and accepted by the customer. A website support job typically involves maintenance, updates, bug fixes, or minor enhancements to an existing website. Our website support engagements cover these support services.

This SLA does not cover new or in-progress projects, which are defined as a request from the customer to create a new website or page, add new features or functionalities to an existing website, or redesign an existing website in a way that requires significant changes or new development work.

Jobs defined as support:

  1. Support jobs may include: minor content changes, minor styling modifications, bug-fixes that are not covered by our maintenance plan etc. 
  2. Support jobs would not include: major functionality changes/additions, new page designs, major styling modifications.

Business Hours

The standard support service terms for your website are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. All times referred to in these terms are assumed to be in business hours/days.

Urgency Levels

Urgency LevelsThis is the level of disruption to the Customer’s business
UrgentAny problem that presents a significant threat to the security of data or the potential loss of data, as well as issues that could lead to significant financial losses for the client due to the platform’s inability to function properly and impact time-sensitive contracts or settlements.
HighAny issue that prevents the website from functioning completely
NormalAny issue that prevents the website from functioning partly
LowAny issue that is minor & does not prevent usage of the website (e.g., cosmetic in nature)

Parties Impacted

Parties ImpactedDescription
IndividualAn individual has reported an issue but it hasn’t been reported by others and/or can’t be replicated
MultipleMultiple reports of an issue impacting multiple people and/or the issue can be replicated, but it may not be a common user journey
EveryoneEveryone is impacted and the issue is part of the primary user journey

Staff Experience Level Assigned

Staff Level  Personnel
  1Expert, highly experienced team members with advanced technical skills, ability to troubleshoot complex issues and perform root cause analysis
  2Intermediate, highly competent, experienced with strong technical skills, ability to troubleshoot issues and provide solutions, knowledge in multiple systems and technologies
  3Qualified support technician, familiar with basic website systems and technologies, ability to troubleshoot and escalate issues as needed.

Service Requests

In support of services outlined in these terms, the Service Provider will respond to & resolve service-related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the following time frames, with the outlined staff experience level:

Support level12345
Target Response Time4hrs1 Day2 Day3 Days4 Days
Target Resolution* Time1 Day3 Days5 Days9 Days17 Days
Target Staff Level12333
Preferred Communication methodPhone /SMSTicket /SMSTicket /EmailTicket /EmailTicket /Email

Resolution may refer to the restoration of a recent backup, or in the case of a security issue may result in temporary forced outages (maintenance page) until the matter can be resolved. We will communicate where issues are caused by upstream providers and outside of our control or in the case of expected delays beyond our resolution time.

Target resolution times subject to the complexity of the issue and every reasonable effort will be made to address within target timeframes.

Support Level Matrix

The below matrix dictates the cross-section between urgency and the party impacted, highlighting the appropriate support level in the event of an issue or outage:

PartiesUrgency Level

Incident/Issue Lodgement Detail Required

Where reasonably possible, we expect a certain level of detail to promptly address important issues and meet timelines, such as:

What is the issue?

  1. What is the nature of the issue you are experiencing with the website? Please describe it in as much detail as possible.
  2. Can you please provide any associated error messages or codes?

Where is it happening?

  • What is the URL/s of the website and/or specific page/s that you are experiencing issues with?

When did it happen?

  • When was the issue first noticed? Was it a recent occurrence or has it been ongoing for some time?

Who has/will/is it impacting?

  • Who is/has the issue impacted? An individual, a group or everyone? Please provide us with the user details (if available) for affected users if individual or group

How did it happen?

  • Have you taken any steps to replicate, troubleshoot or resolve the issue on your own? If so, what were they and were they successful?

The above information should all be caveated with “where reasonably knowable or identifiable”. We understand that this requires a minimum amount of due diligence to be undertaken by the client but it will help mitigate unnecessary delays in critical matters where communication delays lose precious time.

If the Customer lodges false information that escalates a matter based on our urgency and impact clauses, the Customer will be charged at the Advantage Agency’s regular emergency hourly rate of $250 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours.

Advantage Agency reserves the right to escalate matters if it deems the situation to be urgent or critical, regardless of the information provided by the Customer. However, if Advantage Agency determines that the activation of the emergency clauses was due to false information provided by the Customer, the Customer will be responsible for paying the emergency charges.

The Customer acknowledges that Advantage Agency relies on accurate and complete information from the Customer in order to provide effective and efficient service. Therefore, the Customer agrees to provide all necessary and accurate information in a timely manner to Advantage Agency. Advantage Agency will not be held to timelines where unreasonable delays have originated from the client.