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Geoff Rupp Meditation

Meditation teaching and retreats
Services Provided
Branding, Website Design, Social Media Content
The brief

Geoff Rupp, an experienced and passionate Vedic Meditation Master, wanted to step up his existing business to the next echelon of his industry. Already providing guidance and mentorship to those seeking education in Vedic Meditation (one on one and in group settings domestically as well as international retreats) – Geoff needed the development of a refined brand, an informative website with a booking/commerce option for clients. To round off this new branding and provide a longer-term thread of branding, we also assumed Social Media Management for his brand to provide new content and consistency.

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What we did

Understanding the needs thoroughly was key; a dynamic website that could supply both information, commerce solutions and a directory to other related resources in Geoff’s industry circle. Extending this, we also needed to understand Geoff’s personal history and future goals in order to create a brand that can move forward while staying true to core needs and values. Running parallel to the website branding, the social media strategy needed to be more consistent and ‘professionalised’ however remain the more organic and personal arm of Geoff Rupp Meditation.

The Challenge

Through a process of brand exploration, we identified a balance of organic shapes/colour and refined typography and hierarchy that was the aesthetic that Geoff was looking to adopt. Organic shapes seen in the site build grew in tandem with the development of a digitally illustrated hand icon within the logo. With so many possible directions this could go, the real challenge was to create a visual story that hasn’t already been dragged around the community 10 times over. To create something truly distinct in the industry, as is the core differentiator of Geoff Rupp Meditation. As it was, these digital illustrations ended up informing the strategy of content development for Social Media Management.
Additionally, working with Geoff, we unearthed a way to advertise and sell his meditation retreats and mentorship through this new dynamic site, that was both easy to navigate but not overly imposing.

Geoff Rupp Socials Mock up

The Strategy

A process of word association, a light study into the industry itself and its leaders in the commercial realm, allowed us to asses the visual gap in that Geoff Rupp Meditation could and should occupy. But more than just a hollow visual update, we understood that in order for long term success, we needed to build a site that had strong SEO capabilities and needed to present as a true authority on the subject of Vedic Meditation.
In the case of Social Media, a visual language was developed of imagery that conveyed the lesson Geoff wanted to communicate as well as his audience to be able to see themselves in. All the while being a very clear extension of the brand. Lining these up with photographs of Geoff himself in-situ of retreats and classes, regular weekly posting is the key to maintain regular interaction with his existing audience as well as entice new viewers to engage with the thoughts and lessons that Geoff shares with the world.

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